Declutter Your Room In A Couple Of Easy Steps

The bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place where you take rest after a hectic day. Unfortunately, many of us tend to make it into storage. We pile up some unnecessary thing until our room turns into a massive dump. Many studies have connected the mess around us with our inner state. If your bedroom is cluttered, then it will mess with your performance, and you won’t be able to relax. So, if you don’t know where to start, here are some ideas that can help you declutter your room.

Select a multiuse nightstand

Nightstand can be a lifesaver and it’s a handy piece of furniture to have. Bedrooms tend to be short of square footage, that’s why it can be challenging to fit all things in side. So, the first step in decluttering would be to buy a multiuse nightstand. It should have a lot of drawers, but also the broad top surface. In this way, you can put inside the things you use on a regular basis. They can be great for storing the clothes and essentials, like night creams, books, chargers, computers and so on.

Once a year clear out your dresses

DressWhen was the last time you check your dresser for old clothes? Your answer would probably be: I don’t know. Well, that’s bad news because you are definitely storing some things that are way too old now. For example, mismatched socks, worn out T-shirts can take a lot of space in your closet. At least, once a season you should empty everything out or your dresser and review your selection of clothes. You probably find something that doesn’t fit you anymore. You can either donate those stuff or throw them away.

Organize your jewelry

Women tend to go crazy with jewelry. If you have too many earrings, bracelets, rings, and chains, then it’s time to organize them. You know the old saying, if you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it. Unless the old jewelry has some particular sentimental value to you, then you should get rid of it. You have probably seen many DIY projects on Instagram and YouTube, where people make jewelry organizers. Well, you can copy their idea, and you will no longer have tangled or lost jewelry, and they can be a beautiful accessory for your room.

Select pretty containersRoom Declutter

If you have too much stuff in your room and not enough space to store it, then you should buy beautiful containers. This organizing strategy is often used in kitchens. You can purchase containers in different shapes and keep some stuff insides. This is the easiest way to declutter your bedroom. You also try some DIY projects to make stunning cardboard and plastic containers. They are perfect for decoration, but also for storage. In this way, you can choose the size, as well as the colors. But, if you are too lazy to make them, then go straight to home décor store and buy some.