Tiny Kitchen Decorations – Make Your Cooking More Functional

Just because you have a small cooking area, it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your kitchen. Many people don’t have big houses, and they are usually struggling with space. But, sometimes small kitchens have more advantages than bigger ones. The less space means less cleaning, which is a great perk for people who are busy. So, we have come up with some bright ideas which prove that you can do more with less, without jeopardizing your style.

Hang the pots and pans

Instead of crowing your cabinets with these clunky items, you can just hang them on free walls. Strat with the biggest items, then head to medium-sized and finish with small ones. For this, you will need a command cook, which costs $5.

Show your cutting boards

If your cabinets are too small to fit all your cutting board, then you should use them as the part of your décor. For example, you can use vintage cutting boards and display them as artwork. On top of your cabinets, you can put mixing bowls so that the entire area won’t look messy. You will have more space and still presentable kitchen.

Install storage under the benches

Many households have benches in their dining areas. First of all, they don’t crowd your kitchen, and second, you can use them as storage space. For example, you can put inside less used times, like holiday tablecloths.

Buy a foldable table

Tiny Kitchen

If you want to eat in the kitchen, and large table just doesn’t fit, then your best option is to purchase a foldable table. It can be flipped, so everyone has the room to eat, and when you don’t need it, you can just tuck it back. Plus, the center of the table can serve as extra prepping space.

Install breakfast bar

For people who don’t have a dining area, breakfast bar can be an excellent choice. This is more intended for open spaces or kitchen pass-through. Just add a couple of chairs, and you will have a functional dining space and enough room for everyone to eat.