You asked: How my blog became such success?

As you all know, I am very proud of my blog and the community that grows alongside it. A lot of people, apart from tips on home decor, ask me how I came up with the idea of making a blog and how I managed to keep my blog alive, relevant and visited all this time.

Since the number of such questions has increased, I think it’s time to dedicate one post on my blog to such subject. A large number of people who are following my work, (plan to) have their own business. Some of you are doing a completely different job than mine, but you’re interested in how I managed to get to my audience and get noticed on the Internet. That’s why I decided to answer you all through this post, instead to one by one, like I did it till now.

Where are your potential customers?

apple-computerWhere is your potential buyer? Or better to ask where the attention of today’s potential or loyal customer is? It’s on your mobile phone that you carry with you everywhere. It’s on the tablet, on the monitor of your desktop computer. The attention is increasingly leaving TV screens and coming to touchscreens. Do you in the morning, before you get up, open facebook, Instagram or tweeter to make it easier to wake up? Me too. While waiting for the bus I read the news on my mobile.


Facebook example

This social network has the ability to target real people, and that is unmatched. As an entrepreneur, you care about people, their needs and desires, and it’s exactly the heart of what FB offers. It has the ability to evaluate the right customers and their needs whether your goal is to acquire new customers, launch new products, create a brand … Most importantly, it often achieves higher revenues from invested funds in advertising than other media.

How do I reach people?

Digital marketing can present everything about your product, service, information, and solution that you offer in your business to people who would be interested to know. It can reveal to anyone anything about your business if you want. It communicates and interacts with your customers about the characteristics of the product.

There are numerous agencies that specialize in digital marketing, and they can help you (as they helped me) reach your business goals. A great example for such a company is Bush Builders. These companies will create for you your media presence on social media, the Internet, and all other relevant places where your future consumers might be.

Digital marketing can monitor customer behavior and find out what the customer wants and what he/she needs. It provides an analysis of whether the customer is satisfied with the service and to what extent. It is located everywhere around us and goes all over with us. It can make a user of a social network become your customer and thus increase your profits. That is how I did it.