Listen to the expert’s advice and move on for hours!

Moving can also be a nice social event if you decide to seek help from a friend. We would recommend that you help your friends move you, but also if you hire a removals service if you have too many kind things.

Friends are great when it comes to carrying boxes, but when moving couch, table or piano, they probably do not have enough experience and can damage these items. When it comes to agencies, always do business with someone who is trusted, so you are not legally protected in case of robbery or major damage.

Don’t start too early

You should not immediately pack things that might very likely be needed before you move. For example, it’s raining and you want to wear boots and then realize that they are at the bottom of some of the many boxes.

First start packing things that you think will not be useful to you in the coming period. These include paintings, ornaments, books, a wardrobe that is the opposite of the current season and everything like that. You can start packing these things and as soon as you decide to move. In this way, you will save time when the day of relocation is approaching, when there will be more important things in mind that whether you have packed all the decorations.

Get rid of excess stuff

Moving is just the best time to throw or donate things you do not plan to use. If you did not wear a piece of clothing at least once throughout the whole season, it is a sign that you need to give it to someone who wants to. The same goes for shoes.

In this way, you will have less load to move, and these things will not create clutter. In the case of complex moving, you can sometimes rent a warehouse in order to temporarily store items and equipment until the conditions for a complete reset are created.

Pack items in boxes by room

The best way to know exactly where your stuff is is to pack them in the rooms where they were previously. This way you will greatly ease the unpacking process, thus reducing the possibility that anything will be lost.

Reinforce the bottom of each box by tape. No box should have more than 55 pounds (25 kilograms) in it. Never put the splatter diagonally on the edge of the box. Write the name of the room on each box.

Separate one box with the most important things

This box will be valuable to you a couple of days before moving and a couple of days later. You’ll probably be too tired to unpack at once, and on the same day, you will need a charger, towels, linens, pajamas…

So pack in this box everything you would normally pack when you travel somewhere. Mark it in particular, it will be the first box you will open as soon as you move.