Shades Or Blinds: Which One Should I Choose?

When it comes to the window decoration, a lot of people cannot decide between shades and blinds, since these are similar roles. Still, when it comes to determining which one to get, people become confused. There are a lot of different ones that you can choose and one of the first things is to read the top down bottom up shades info, as well as other basic info about shades/blinds to get some startup knowledge.

Still, we have prepared for you a small tutorial with the things you should consider so you could decide which one you need and which one suits you best.

Privacy or light control?

Blinds and shades both offer an increased level of light filtering and privacy. If you aim for more privacy and light control is not a significant fact that you need to consider, you might want to use shades. Shades come in the form of fabric that can be either open or closed.

Woman In Front Of Window
Woman Holding Curtains

If you want the regulation, choose the one with light fabric as this offers you still enough privacy while you can set the amount of light you want to have. On the other hand, if you want more light, shades will be definitely a better choice.

Easy cleaning?

This will be probably the most interesting aspect since you probably do not want to spend the entire day cleaning. Blinds are easier to clean as you simply need to wipe them off with a soft cloth and polish a bit.

Shaded collect more dust than the blinds but allow much easier cleaning as you can simply wipe them down with a cloth, without any special treatment. Or you can use a vacuum cleaner to collect the dust, but do not forget that any grime should require a thorough cleaning.

Which one is more durable?

Speaking of durability, blinds offer much greater durability than blinds and this is the reason that makes people to choose the blinds. These are usually made out of wood, PVC or aluminum, which makes them more durable.

Brown Blinds In Living Room
New Brown Blinds In Room

Shades do not use these materials and therefore it is easier to tear them apart or torn. One great tip that we can give you is to avoid placing shades in the places where you walk a lot, as you can break them easily if you are not careful all the time.

What about the insulation?

Some people did not understand well, so they think that blinds or shades can keep your house warmer during the winter. The blinds cannot help in any way with the insulation, while some types of shades can help you with trapping the heat.

Of course, do not expect the efficiency heat rate in the amount of 50%, but you can notice a difference when you use cellular shades. The cellular shades have a unique structure that has air pockets that can trap the heat inside the pockets and prevent it to escape outside the window. Still, you are not going to make your house warm a lot, but there is a difference when you use cellular shaded.