Affordable Home Improvement Ideas

Home improvement projects require a lot of money. Depending on the condition of your house, you can either hire someone for this job; you can do it yourself. For example, if you can’t to refresh your home and add it more style and elegance, then we can help you. In this case, you aren’t only saving the money, but you are improving the condition of your house. Here are some of the ideas that are $500 mark and which will make your home stunning again.

Paint your rooms

RoomIf you have dull and washed-out walls and you need some change, then there is no better way than painting your walls. A new coat of paint has the power to rearranges your reality. This is why painting is the most efficient way of home-improvement upgrade. You can choose the color according to your needs, and you don’t have to be a pro to paint your walls. Try your skills on the small part of your wall and see how that goes. It’s essential not to leave marks while you are painting, that’s why don’t use a painting brush, but a roller.

Add crown molding

Crown molding adds unique charm and value to your house. Your walls will look more elegant and sophisticated. For this occasion, you should use trimroc molding. This is a lightweight polystyrene foam coated in hard plaster. It’s easy to cut and position on the walls, and you don’t have to be a professional to manage crown molding.

Install dishwasher

If you have an old dishwasher, then it’s probably the cause why you are getting high electricity and water bills. So, it’s time to purchase energy star-qualified dishwasher, which can help you save more than $30 a year on power and almost 500 gallons of water. However, if you don’t have a dishwasher at all, then you are spending 40% more water washing by hand. This is the biggest cost saver of them all, and you will need $500 to buy a new one.

Give kitchen cabinets a new finish

You don’t have to redecorate your entire kitchen just to give it a bit of light. As long as the frames and doors are functional, you can clean them up and apply a new coat of paint. All you need to buy is the color, paint brush, sandpaper and a strong cleaner and this will be one of cheaper transformations.